T216 Salvatoris mater pia

Standardised text incipit: 
Salvatoris mater pia
Reference sources: 

Full text: MotettiC, No. 41, ff. 31v (S), 31r (A), 30v (T), 30v (B)
Translation: Eva Ferro

Full text: 

Salvatoris mater pia,
Mundi huius spes Maria,
Ave plena gratia.

Porta caeli templum dei
Maris portus per quem rei
Currunt cum fiducia.

Summi regis sponsa digna,
Cuncti<s> clemens et benigna
Operum suffragio.

Caecis lumen, claudis via
Mundi<s> Marta et Maria
Mentis desiderio.

Salve decus virginum,
Mediatrix hominum
Salutis puerpera.

Ad te, pia, suspiramus,
Si non ducis, deviamus
Ergo doce quod agamus,
Post hunc finem ut vivamus
Cum sanctis perenniter.

English translation: 

Pious mother of the Saviour, hope of this world, Mary, hail, full of grace.

Door of the Heaven, temple of God, harbour of the sea through which the sinners run with confidence.

Worthy bride of the highest king, mild and propitious to everybody with the help of the good deeds.

Light for the blinds, passage for the crippled, Martha for the pure and Mary for the desire of the mind.

Hail pride of the virgins, mediator of men, mother of salvation.

We long for you, pious, if you don’t lead us we stray. So teach us what to do, so that we may live forever with the saints after this death.

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No. 41: S:031v A:031r T:030v B:030v
Salvatoris mater pia
ID: M216
- C51 Salvatoris mater pia
T216 Salvatoris mater pia