T275 Ave verum corpus : Ave mater salvatoris

Standardised text incipit: 
Ave verum corpus : Ave mater salvatoris
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Full text: I-Mfd 2, ff. 134v-135r
Translation: Eva Ferro

Full text: 

Ave verum corpus factum
Sine viri semine.
Ave verbum patris natum
Ex Maria virgine.

Christi sanguis ave, caeli sanctissime potus.
Unda salutaris crimina nostra lavans.

Caro cibus, sanguis potus
Manes tamen Christe totus
Sub utraque specie

Ave mater salvatoris,
Vas electum, vas honoris
Vas caelestis gratiae.

Salve rosa sine spina
flos es florum.

In hac valle nos protege,
O Maria tu nos pasce
Et hora mortis suscipe.

English translation: 

Hail true body made without intervention of man.
Hail word of the Father born from the virgin Mary.

Hail blood of Christ, o most holy drink of Heaven, wave of salvation which washes away our sins.

Flesh becomes food, blood becomes drink, yet, you still remain completely Christ in both natures.

Hail, mother of the Saviour, chosen vessel, vessel of honor, vessel of celestial grace.

Hail, rose without thorn, you are the flower of all flowers.

In this valley protect us, o Mary nourish us and receive us at the hour of our death.