T020 Eia mater

Standardised text incipit: 
Eia mater
Reference sources: 

Full text: I-Mfd 1, ff. 102v-103r
Translation: Eva Ferro

Full text: 

Eia mater summi dei,
Iesu Christi Nazarei,
Nos clamamus ad te rei.

Surrexit tuus filius,
Praedulcis virgo virginum,
Non moriturus amplius.

Quem laudamus dominum
Tu nobis fac propitium.

English translation: 

Behold, mother of the highest God, Jesus Christ the Nazarene, we culpable cry out to you.

Your son has risen, o sweetest virgin of virgins, no longer will he perish.

Make the one we praise as our Lord be favorable to us.

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Source Motet incipit Attribution Rubric Cycle / Text
I-Mfd 1
Eia mater
ID: M020
[Gaffurius, Franchinus (?)]
- C07 Castra caeli dum transcendo
T020 Eia mater