T245 Gaude mater miserorum

Standardised text incipit: 
Gaude mater miserorum
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Full text: D-Mbs 3154, ff. 41v-42r
Translation: Eva Ferro

Full text: 

Gaude mater miserorum
Quia pater praemiorum
Dabit te colentibus

Congruentem hic mercedem
Et felicem poli sedem 
Sursum in caelestibus.

Domine Iesu propitius esto mihi peccatori.

Gaude humilis beata,
Corpore glorificata,
Meruisti maxima

Fore, tantae dignitatis
Ut sis sanctae trinitatis
Sessione proxima.

English translation: 

Rejoice mother of the unhappy, because the Father of all rewards will give to those who venerate you a fitting recompense and the happy home of heaven high in the Heavens.

Lord Jesus be propitious to me sinner.

Rejoice humble blessed, glorified in the body, you deserved to be the grandest, of such dignity that you are the nearest to the holy Trinity in the sitting order.

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D-Mbs 3154
Gaude mater miserorum : Domine Iesu : Meruisti maxima
ID: M245
loco sanctus C55 Gaude flore virginali
T245 Gaude mater miserorum