T073 Ave decus virginale

Standardised text incipit: 
Ave decus virginale
Reference sources: 

Full text: I-Mfd 3, ff. 127v-128r
Translation: GASSER 2001, 527-528, rev. Eva Ferro

Full text: 

Ave decus virginale
Templum dei speciale
Per te fiat veniale
Omne quod committimus.

O domina piissima,
Omni laude dignissima
Fac nos digne te laudare,
Venerari et amare.

O domina deo cara
Stirpe decens et praeclara
Sed meritis praeclarior.

O domina dominarum,
O regina reginarum
Propter tuam pietatem
Pelle nostram paupertatem.

O preclara stella maris
Quae cum deo gloriaris
Nos ad portum fac venire
Nunquam sinas nos perire.

English translation: 

Hail, virginal splendor, special temple of God, through you may every sin we committ be forgivable. 

O most pious lady, worthiest of every praise, make us praise you worthily, venerate, and love. 

O lady dear to God, becoming and beautiful in lineage, but more beautiful through [your] merits.

O lady of ladies, o queen of queens, banish our poverty through your compassion.

O beautiful star of the sea, you who pride yourself with God, allow us to come to haven, never allow us to perish.

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