T064 Memento salutis auctor

Standardised text incipit: 
Memento salutis auctor
Reference sources: 

Full text: I-Mfd 1, ff. 176v-177r
Translation: Nicholas Robertson, rev. Eva Ferro

Full text: 

Memento, salutis auctor, 
Quod nostri quondam corporis
Ex illibata virgine
Nascendo formam sumpseris.

Gloria tibi domine 
Qui natus es de virgine
Cum patre et sancto spiritu
In sempiterna saecula.

English translation: 

Remember, Creator of salvation, that you once assumed the form of our body by being born of a spotless virgin.

Glory to you, Lord, who are born of the Virgin, with the Father and the Holy Spirit, for ever eternal ages.

Motets with this text

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Source Motet incipit Attribution Rubric Cycle / Text
I-Mfd 1
Memento salutis auctor
ID: M064
Loyset (index; as part of C17)
Compère, Loyset
post eleuationem C17 Hodie nobis de virgine
T064 Memento salutis auctor