T044 O Maria clausus hortus

Standardised text incipit: 
O Maria clausus hortus
Reference sources: 

Full text: I-Mfd 1, ff. 139v-140r, I-Mfd 2, ff. 50v-51r
Translation: CMM 106.3 (Ruskin Watts), rev. Eva Ferro

Full text: 

O Maria clausus hortus,
Naufragantis mundi portus,
Placa nobis qui te fecit,
Matrem sibi quam elegit.

Audi virgo glorifica,
Post filium spes unica.
Clemens et imperiosa,
Nostra dele maculosa.
Accepta nostra cantica,
Impetra pulchra caelica.

Ave decus virgineum,
Ave iubar aethereum,
Adsit praesens solemnitas
Nobis perpes iocunditas.

Tua namque veneratio
Summis est gratulatio.

English translation: 

O Mary closed garden, harbour for the shipwrecked world; Reconcile us with who formed you, him who chose you as his mother.

Hear us, virgin glorious, only hope after your son. Gracious and imperious, delete our sinful affairs. Accept our songs, obtain our pardon, celestial, beauteous.

Hail, virginal beauty, hail celestial light, may this thanksgiving feast be an enjoyment for us.

Your veneration is namely a compliment for the highest things.


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