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Standardised text incipit: 
Hoc gaudium est spiritus
Liturgical/devotional association: 
Holy Trinity
Passion Sunday
Full text: 

Hoc gaudium est Spiritus
Quo patri natus iungitur
Et unum bonum funditus
In tribus his concluditur.

Te deum laudamus; te dominum confitemur; te aeternum patrem omnis terra veneratur, te Christum praedicat sanctum quoque paraclitum spiritum.

Te, summa dei trinitas,
collaudat omnis spiritus,
quos per crucis mysterium
salvas regens per saecula.

English translation: 

This joy is the <Holy> Spirit in which the Son is one with the Father and the One Good is completely enclosed in these three.

We praise you God; we acknowledge you, Lord; the whole earth worships you, eternal Father, <the whole Earth> proclaims you, Christ and the Holy Ghost the Comforter;

every soul praises you, o highest Trinity of God, the souls that you save through the mystery of the Cross, whilst you reign throughout the ages.


Correspondences in standard ref works: 

Hoc gaudium ... concluditur = Vespers hymn for the Holy Trinity, AH 50, No. 391, p. 594, st. 4

Te deum ... veneratur + sanctum ... spiritum = Te Deum

Te summa ... saecula ≈ Hymn Vexilla regis prodeunt for Passion Sunday, Cantus ID 008410, st. 10
dei] deus
collaudat] collaudet
regens] rege

Text details

Standardised text incipit: 
Ave mundi reparatrix
Liturgical/devotional association: 
Marian feasts
Full text: 

Ave mundi reparatrix,
Trinitatis inclinatrix
Herbido triclinio.

Vere patri decens nata
Flamini sponsa ornata
Mater summo filio.

Dominatrix supernorum,
Placa regem angelorum
Ut tuo suffragio

Eius apud trinitatem
Contemplemur unitatem
In perenni gaudio.

English translation: 

Hail, restorer of the world, bidder of the Trinity, from an herbal chamber,

Born wholly befitting the Father, a bride adorned for the Holy Spirit, Mother of the highest Son.

Lady of celestial beings, appease the King of the angels, that through your intercession

We may contemplate His unity Within the Trinity, In everlasting joy.

Correspondences in standard ref works: 

Sequence de Beata Maria V., AH 34, No. 116, p. 97 (only in: Cod. ms. Virunen. [=Maria Saal] 172, saec. 15.)
angelorum] creatorum