Abbreviations for early modern sources

Early modern sources are referenced in the following way:

  • manuscripts provided with a record in the database (see RISM library sigla + shortened shelfmark (e.g., I-Mfd 1, instead of I-Mfd Librone 1); see the individual Source records for details and special cases
  • manuscripts not provided with a record in the database: RISM library sigla + shelfmark
  • prints provided with a record in the database (see publisher name + publication year (e.g., Antico 1521); exception: to make them more easily recognizable, we indicate Petrucci’s print with the title in shortened form (e.g. MotettiLQ for Motetti libro quarto)
  • prints not provided with a record in the database: RISM B/I abbreviation (if available) or standard bibliographic data


Abbreviations for reference works

AH: Dreves, Guido Maria, Blume, Clemens and Bannister, Henry Marriot, eds. Analecta Hymnica Medii Aevi. 55 vols. Leipzig: Reisland, 1886-1925 (

Cantus: Cantus Index: Online Catalogue for Mass and Office Chants (

CAO: Hesbert, Renato-Joanne. Corpus Antiphonalium Officii. 6 vols. Rerum ecclesiasticarum documenta. Series maior: Fontes. Rome: Herder, 1963-1979.

CIP: Baroffio, Giacomo. Corpus Italicum Precum (A-I: ; K-Z:

CMMEThe C.M.M.E. Project: Computerized Mensural Music Editing (

CRIT: Baroffio, Giacomo. Corpus Responsoriale Italicum Textus (]%20CRIT.doc).

DIAMM: The Digital Image Archive of Medieval Music (

GTGraduale triplex: seu Graduale romanum Pauli PP. VI, cura recognitum et rhytmicis signis a Solesmensibus monachis ornatum, neumis Laudunensibus (Cod. 239) et Sangallensibus (Codicum Sangallensis 359 et Einsidlensis 121).  Paris; Tournai: Solesmis, 1979.

JLH: Dreves, Guido Maria and Blume, Clemens, eds. Ein Jahrtausend lateinische Hymnendichtung: eine Blütenlese aus den Analecta Hymnica mit literarhistorischen Erläuterungen. Leipzig: Reisland, 1909 (

LEWIS & SHORT = A Latin Dictionary, Founded on Andrews’ edition of Freund’s Latin dictionary revised, enlarged, and in great part rewritten by Charlton T. Lewis, Ph.D. and Charles Short, LL.D. Oxford: Clarendon Press, 1879 (

LHLiber hymnarius cum invitatoriis & aliquibus responsoriis. Antiphonale Romanum secundum liturgiam horarum ordinemque cantus officii dispositum; 2. Solesmes: Abbaye Saint-Pierre, 1998.

LULiber usualis missae et officii pro dominicis et festis : cum cantu gregoriano ex editione vaticana adamussim excerpto et rhytmicis signis in subsidium cantorum a Solesmensibus monachis diligenter ornato. Paris: Desclée, 1960.

MONE: Mone, Franz Joseph. Lateinische Hymnen des Mittelalters. 3 vols. Freiburg im Bresgau: Herbert, 1853-1855. 

   1. Lieder an Gott und die Engel (
   2. Marienlieder (
   3. Heiligenlieder (

PM: Paléographie musicale: facsimilés phototyphiques des principaux manuscrits de chant grégorien, ambrosien, mozarabe, gallican. 23+2 vols. 1889-.

    6. Antiphonarium Ambrosianum du Musée Britannique (XIIe siècle): Codex additional 34209. Transcription. Reprint, Bern: Lang, 1972.

RH: Chevalier, Ulysse. Repertorium Hymnologicum: Catalogue des chants, hymnes, proses, séquences, tropes en usage dans l'église latine depuis les origines jusqu'à nos jours. Vol. 1: Louvain: Lefever, 1891; vols. 2-3: Louvain: Poullenis & Ceuterick, 1897 and 1904; vols. 4-5:  Louvain: Ceuterick, 1912 and 1921; vol. 6: Bruxelles, Societé des Bollandistes, 1920.

  1. A-K (N. 1-9935) (
  2. L-Z (N. 9936-22256) (
  3. A-Z (N. 22257-34827) (
  4. A-Z (N. 34828-42060) (
  5. Addenda et corrigenda
  6. Preface, tables


Abbreviations for modern editions of music

see About > Modern editions.


Other abbreviations

AR: Ambrosian Rite

BVM: Beata Virgo Maria / Blessed Virgin Mary

f./ff.: folio/folios

RR: Roman Rite

S: superius

A/CA: altus/contratenor altus (acutus)

T (T1, T2): tenor (tenor primus, tenor secundus)

B/CB: bassus/contratenor bassus

In the appropriate contexts, the items of the Mass ordinary are indicated with the standard abbreviations KGCSA (for Kyrie, Gloria, Credo, Sanctus, Agnus)