M145 Beata dei genitrix

Standardised text incipit: 
Beata dei genitrix
Standardised composer: 
Attribution notes: 
Loyset (ANNALI 1885, 181)
Reference source: 
I-Mfd [4], ff. 129v-130r
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Pre-existing melodies (Cantus prius facti): 

This motet possibly quotes pre-existing material, but it can not be linked to any Cantus prius factus with a corresponding text.

Modern editions: 
Further notes: 

This motet is transmitted as a fragment.

Not a concordance for M060 Beata Dei genitrix (2nd motet of C17).

Text details

Standardised text incipit: 
Beata dei genitrix
Liturgical/devotional association: 
BVM (Assumption, Nativity)
Full text: 

Beata dei genitrix Maria, templum Domini, spiritus sancti sacrarium. Sola sine exemplo placuisti domino.

Ave virgo mater dei,
Ave salus meae spei,
Ave plena gratia,
Esto nobis propitia.

Beata virgo Maria, ut habeamus gloriam, tua misericordia impetra nobis veniam.

Post partum, virgo, inviolata permansisti.
Dei genitrix intercede pro nobis.

English translation: 

Blessed Mary, mother of God, temple of the Lord, sanctuary of the Holy Spirit, you alone without precedent were loved by the Lord.

Hail virgin mother of God, hail salvation of my hope, hail full of grace, be gracious to us.

Blessed virgin Mary, so that we may partake to the glory, procure us forgiveness with your mercy. 

O virgin, you remained untouched after having given birth.
Mother of God, intercede for us.



Correspondences in standard ref works: 

Beata dei ... domini ≈ Antiphon for the Assumption of the BVM, Cantus ID 001563
Beata dei genetrix Maria virgo perpetua templum domini sacrarium spiritus sancti sola sine exemplo placuisti domino Jesu Christo ora pro populo interveni pro clero intercede pro devoto femineo sexu

Ave salus meae spei = Rosarium de Passione Domini, AH 36, No. 1, p. 211, st. 1, line 2 (addressed to Jesus)

Post partum ... pro nobis = Responsory for the Nativity of the BVM, Cantus ID 007400

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I-Mfd [4]
Beata dei genitrix
ID: M145
[Compère, Loyset]
- C39 Beata dei genitrix
T145 Beata dei genitrix